Office Solutions

Legacy Investments

Active-Security systems can support legacy infrastructure to provide maximum value on the previous system investment. With minor tweaking of the legacy system it is possible to change to an Active-Security system.

Continuous Monitoring

By utilizing our central monitoring station (CMS) services, we can provide continuous security 24x7x365.  The CMS provides real-time alerts to management and 1st responders in case of emergency (intrusion, gunshot, etc.).

Office Automation

Office automation is provided by linking the security systems with the office systems.  An example is when you enter a secured room; the alarm is automatically disabled, and the lights are turned on.  Additionally, when you leave the room the alarm is automatically activated and the lights are deactivated.

Office Management

Active-Security systems provide a single platform for management of staff, visitors, vendors, and the existing office security systems.  Now management of security cameras, card access, intercom and alarm are on a single system for easy reporting, and verification.  

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Multi-Site Management

Managing multiple sites is very challenging, however Active-Security systems are designed for this application. In addition to having effective remote management of the security systems, staff, visitor and vendors; now you can monitor the environmental conditions of specific rooms, receive alerts from HVAC, and reports on locations opening & closing.

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