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Security Subject Matter Experts

Our SME's have decades of professional experience within the electronic security, physical security and investigations industry.  We are knowledgeable on the major service providers, manufactures, industry best practices and standards. 

Investigations & Evidence Collection

We use the latest technology and legal methods to locate people and to collect evidence.  Evidence will consist of surveillance reports, statements, physical evidence and digital evidence.  We'll provide sworn testimony to support the evidence in court.

Office Automation

Office automation is provided by linking the security systems with the office systems.  An example is when you enter a secured room; the alarm is automatically disabled, and the lights are turned on.  Additionally, when you leave the room the alarm is automatically activated and the lights are deactivated.

Security & Personal Management

Active-Security systems provide a single platform for personal management of staff, visitors, vendors, and the existing office security systems.  Now management of security cameras, card access, intercom and alarm are on a single system for intuitive usage, reporting and verification.  

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