Integrated Electronic Security

Video Surveillance

Security Camera CCTV Video Surveillance NVR VMS DVR IP Camera

Intelligent security cameras provide megapixel image quality and analysis on criminal behaviors and operational events.

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Gunshot Detection

gunshot detection sensor gun shot system

Gunshot detection sensors can be used to detect, identify, provide mass notification and lock down a facility.

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Access Control

Secure your doors and provide security management of employees, customers and vendors on a single system.

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Intercom Systems

Security intercoms provide bi-directional video and audio communication at doors, elevators, and emergency stations.  These intelligent intercoms can also be used for paging and broadcast messaging in emergency situations.

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Central Monitoring Station

Central Monitoring Station (CMS) can monitor for criminal behaviors such as intrusion detection, gunshot detection and equipment failures.  The CMS can provide verification about specific events that are occurring in real-time to management & first responders.

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Questions about electronic security?

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