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Active-Security & Investigations

Commercial security in Washington DC & Virginia

Security That Compliments Your Business

Acitve-Security systems are intelligent, and will alert the business when important events are occurring, and what actions need to be taken. These events are typically on loss prevention, asset protection, and facility operations.

We would like to add value for your business by increasing the performance of your security plans & systems.

Security consultants in Washington DC & Virginia

Security Consulting

We provide consulting services on the security plans and systems in your business. Our clients receive reports and proposals to:

  • Increase security & operational efficiency
  • Review of current security plans & systems
  • Migration paths & maximization of legacy investments
  • Security system design
  • Project management
  • Engineering plans markup
  • Request for proposal (RFP) bid management
  • Comparative market research on security systems, manufactures & service providers
  • Return-On-Investments (ROI) analysis
  • Virginia DCJS Compliance

Security subject matter experts (SME) in Washington DC & Virginia

Security Subject Matter Experts (SME)

Our SME's have decades of professional experience within the electronic security, physical security and investigations industry.

We are knowledgeable on the major service providers and manufactures, however we are not financially connected to them.  Our independence allows for unbiased consultations for your benefit.

Questions about Active-Security & Investigations?

If you want to learn how our services can add value for your business, please schedule an initial consultation.

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